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#1: Longer hours of operation Author: cwreading Post Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 09:53 AM
With the growth of our business I was wondering how many of you have considered longer hours of the store being opened? We have noticed more people have been calling the store after our open hours (with caller id on our phones). This past weekend we had 7 people call from our closing at 3PM on Saturday until Monday morning. 3 on Saturday afternoon and 4 on Sunday.

I know that some of the higher producing CW stores have up to 80 or more open hours per week. One of them is on a college campus and has posted hours from 9am to 2am 7 days a week (must be known college student hours???)? They only have technical staff for 55 of those hours...

So I guess it also depends on where you store is located. College campus (long hours during the school year), busy retail strip mall (long hours to match other retail stores), or a quiet retail strip (as my store is located in a rural setting) usually only 55 hours per week is needed. My neighbors are an out of business Curves, and a Bingo hall (who take up all the parking from Thursday to Sunday), beside that there is a Chinese restaurant and a 24 hour grocery store.

Just curious on how others think or feel,

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