How has the ImagerZone helped you?

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#1: How has the ImagerZone helped you? Author: Hendo Post Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 03:51 PM

I have been on the forum since 2001.

This forum has helped me in several way...too many to list here.

Other than the good friend and overall is 2 major things this forum had done for me.

1) This post...

I bought Brandon's LT-777.

2) Not one particular post, but...

If it were not for the forum I would have spent 1000's of hours on the phone with SCC, Future Graphics, (SEE THIS), Summit, Uninet, (SEE THIS)...etc. I have not had to phone those companies for a problem because of the association I have on the forum.

As I see it those companies owe a huge, massive debt of gratitude to these forums. I know for a fact it would have cost some of those companies thousands of dollars, in lost productivity, phone bills, tech training...etc, answering my questions alone.

I would have stopped using some of these companies because there is a very good chance they could not have helped me solve all the issues I had, and I would have believed it was there products fault.

The 4-5 big supply companies should hire Evan to maintain this site. $10,000 to $15,000 each per/year, would be a bargain. Just think what would happen if this site closed down for 1 month.
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