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#1: What keeps the ImagerZone going? Author: Evan Post Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 01:20 PM
I have been asked many times how do I make a living here. Well, my goal has always been to give it free to those that need it, earn revenue from those that benefit from ImagerZones membership base. Truth is, at present its is no where near where it needs to be but that is mostly due to vendors not understanding it's value. Things are happening that might help that and I hope this thread helps as well.

So, to let you the visitor know, I am a one man band making a living (or at least trying to Wink ) selling CartScan and run the ImagerZone. No smoke and mirrors, just someone trying to provide benefit to the industry while making a living.

How can you help to keep this resource available?

- PLEASE visit our sponsor but most important; LET THEM KNOW you value their participation here! They need to know their efforts matter. You can see a list of the sponsors HERE.

- Give your help! Scan the forums for posts that you can help people with troubles, especially if you have benifited from someone helping you.

- Tell you success stories using the ImagerZone! Post your stories in THIS LINK and share with the community!

- Sponsor/Advertise! If you are a vendor of the industry or feel your services will benefit people here, consider sponsoring and advertising. We have a GREAT community that is quite loyal to companies that show they care. email me at [email]sales@imagerzone.com[/email] to sponsor/advertise!

- Donate! I run this site but don't really participate in the core of the industry anymore. (Use to be a remanufacturer myself. Shocked ) So for me, as raw as it gets, my only benefit from the site is paying the bills to keep the lights on. So PLEASE help out any way you can by donating and being publicly thanked HERE.

- Use Cart-Scan! Most of my business comes from Cart-Scan. As long as I can stay afloat in the industry, ImagerZone survives so give it a try and see if it can help you.

Download the free trial HERE.

Purchase it from any of the vendors HERE. These vendors help keep things going as well so please consider their services for your needs!

In addition, some vendors also pay to have their catalogs integrated in Cart-Scan. (also pays the bills Wink ) Makes your life easier, no paper catalogs to manage & find. It also makes things easier for them because you can QUICKLY see what they have to offer by engine/machine, then just call and order! These catalogs are free to you and can be downloaded HERE.

Thank you one and all for being part of the ImagerZone!

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