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#1: What's in a Name? Author: KevinH Post Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 03:24 PM
Would appreciate your help on this one guys. When we started we had visions of driving around from customer to customer and refilling (yes, that's not a typo) their carts from our van ( Laughing ). We installed a vacuum system, shelving, and so on. Needless to say within a week that went out the window when we realised that you can't possibly remanufacture from a van. You can't even do it from a truck. Our name then was "Mobile Cartridge Refills". A few negative comments made us reconsider our name, and to keep it consistent we simply dropped the "Refills" and became "Mobile Cartridges".

It works, and we like it, except we've moved on again and it actually doesn't make as much sense. Apart from my colleague and I we have a guy on the road selling with us, and plan to expand on that.

We had considered van sales but it became obvious to us that within a year or even a few months the guys would stop selling or seeking new customers as all their time would be spent delivering the web/email/phone orders. Also, if they are delivering they would have total control of the customer, and before you know it they could be bringing in their own supply, and we wouldn't have a clue who their customers were. So now we take orders and use a courier (or our own vans for local drops) to deliver. All of a sudden "Mobile Cartridges" doesn't sound right, or does it?

I'd love your input in coming up with a new name, one that makes sense. We will have an improved website (the current one though active, sucks Embarassed ), but our way of doing business is to be proactive and go out calling for the business. Our reps will drive small vans wrapped with our name and logo, but they will be selling and following up, not delivering. We are trying so hard to come up with a good name that we're all but out of idea's.


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