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#1: Get the ImagerZone monitor tool! Author: Evan Post Posted: Thu May 13, 2010 12:24 PM
Optimize the time you spend on the ImagerZone. Go on about your day and when there is something to see, the ImagerZone wil let you know!

The Zone Monitor is a small program that sits in your system tray. During business hours OR 24/7, the ImagerZone monitor checks to see if there are new posts. If so, it "Bings" and pops up with a balloon notifying you of how many and in what forum(s). Makes keeping up-to-date with activity on the site EASY!

To use the monitor, simply download and run this setup:



- Check for updates ever 1 - 999 minutes
- Check "Business" hours or 24/7
- Check all week long or just Monday-Friday
- Enable/Disable the "Bing"
- Enable/Disable the Popup
- Auto load when you computer starts.

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