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#1: Thinking of giving a customer the Axe Author: madjokerny , Location: TX Post Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 05:44 PM
I have a customer that about twice a month is saying there is something wrong with my cartridges. This customer has two offices and I supply both of them. It is only one office that is reporting issues with my cartridges the other office says they have seen no issue. I will say the one complaining does most of the printing but we are talking allot of the same printer engines so both offices use very simaliar carts with only 1 office seeing an issue. Not to mention the other customers I sell these same carts to with no issue. Here is the count so far one complaints and what the resolution was.

HP 4700 Magenta priting streaks on the page (OEM Cart not mine)

HP 45 Ink Jet, printer would not see the cartridge (OEM cart put one of mine in and it worked fine)

HP Q2612A printing large black spots on the page (Drum had a label stuck to it)

HP C8061X printing black smudges on the page (Still under investigation as I will get the cartridge tomorrow to see what is wrong)

Strange thing is no other customer complain about issues with these same cartridges so I some how magicilly manage to send all my bad cartridges to the same office. What would you guys/gals do in this situation.


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