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#1: It's Winter Author: JustinM , Location: Spokane Valley, WA Post Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 01:54 AM
And you know what that means>> Dreadlocks Banana!

Time to start marketing. As mentioned in another thread, my Niece from Denver is going to start marketing as well. We are going out there for Christmas and will give her a crash course. Plan on paying her a 20% residual on profit for all customers she lines up. She will continue making the 20% as long as she's active. Will be part time (she has another part time job) until she is sure it will work for her. A win win for us. If it works for her great. If not, no biggie.

Jacki has been marketing off and on all summer. I have until late March to give this my undivided attention as far as marketing goes.

We just went over 50 repeating customers and only a couple problems (broken printer) We have atleast a couple of almost every HP Ink cart and stocking several Toner for repeating customers. If I had to guess probably $2,000 worth.

Just ordered some new and improved Business cards and Stickers for the customers printer (re-order contact info).

Ready to Rock n Roll. Let's do this!!

Ninja Banana! Ninja Banana! Ninja Banana!

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