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#1: HP inkjet pricing Author: Hendo Post Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 02:04 PM

Here is the price from Stapes for an HP 61 Black...


They offer the following...


Free Shipping
Get 10% back in Staples Rewards®

Get 10% back in
Staples Rewards®
Get $2 back
in Rewards per recycled cartridge
Free Shipping

Recycling not required to earn ink & toner rewards.

Price below is before Staples Rewards savings.

Offer Expires on 05/05/2012
Price: $13.99 Each



Based on the info above...

I would get 10% in points ($1.40) plus $2.00 per cartridge I bring into Staples, up to 10 cartridges per/month ($20.00).


If I was a home user I could do the following...

Ask people at my work for their empty cartridge. Over the course of 2-3 months accumulate 3-5 empty cartridge.

Then order an HP 61 inkjet from Staples (free shipping)...get 10% in points, and when I drive by a Staples (on the way to the grocery store) drop off the empties.

In the end....Staples will be paying me to print?

Am I correct here?

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