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#1: Lexmark Being Sneaky Author: Joey , Location: Kansas City MO Post Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 04:01 PM
Tricia Judge, executive director of the Int’l ITC, has shared some new developments in the Lexmark case. It appears the OEM may be engaging in a form of entrapment to corral more remanufacturers into its web — a web that has already captured dozens of remanufacturers who bought cores from (SEE THIS) International. Judge reported that a remanufacturing company based in the Northeast received an unsolicited order on its website for the purchase of one Lexmark cartridge from a company in Ohio. The remanufacturing company’s owner, who has never done business in Ohio before, investigated this new potential customer. It seems the customer’s address matched that of a private investigation firm.

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