An eye opening comment on Yahoo about Inkjet Refills

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#1: An eye opening comment on Yahoo about Inkjet Refills Author: BD , Location: San Leandro CA Post Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 02:28 AM
I was reading a Yahoo article tonight that had as part of its headline “Surprising Six-Figure Jobs”
The second one on the list was Cartridge Refilling.

Note: As you may already know Yahooers comment on these articles, and here is “copy” of one of the comments that had 11 likes, and only 1 dislike.

“I tried the ink refill companies and ended up quickly returning to buying new cartridges. The biggest complaint I had was that computers could not detect the ink level on the refilled cartridges which was a pain in the @%#. Not a big deal but just one other annoyance I didn't want to deal with. I also didn't like waiting for an hour or two while my cartridges were refilled. I am sure that not all places are like that but after my experience I couldn't be bothered to try again”. Shocked Sad

11 likes - On the comment, out of 12 comments! The above is what not to do. I know it is too obvious, but, anyone selling product untested, below OEM quality or not offering an exchange program is killer on the aftermarket.

Idea This is a Public Relations issue that I know as a whole we could address and spin to our advantage if we inthe Aftermarket were working together as far as Marketing goes. A Marketing Association would go a long way.


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