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#1: Buying Finished Inks versus In House Author: thinkink Post Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:53 AM
Hello to everyone, I am new at posting here but I have been here off and on in the past couple years. I need some advise from you veterans in this industry. I know everyone likes selling toner much rather than ink these days, but i do have a good customer base for inks and can make money doing it. We buy only finished product at this time. We have tried to comb the industry for the best products available. We have just recently started buying from IC and have been happy for the most part. Sourcing our cartridges with printheads from them seems to be good. Its the 920s,940s,950s that are just too high to leave room for much of a margin. I know most of you probably won't like me saying this, but we are using imports for these series, just because they are our most popular, and if I don't import it will mean a huge part of our business leaving. We have been considering starting to do some of these in house, especially the 950s. We strive for high quality over price and yet the finished product has to be enough below OEM to sell. The advice I need is, if we want to boost our quality and start branding a few series of inks. Do you suggest outsourcing or getting into this in house. Concerning outsourcing, where are some good places to start to end up with the best products on the market? My biggest concern on these cartridges is that they don't clog printheads. I appreciate your input in this. I did communicate some with (SEE THIS) on the 950s but their prices are just through the roof. We do approximately 1,000 cartridges a month ink/toner mix. We really don't want to get into a lot of remanufacturing, but just to improve quality control and get a little more margin we are considering popular skews.
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